Pancakes for breakfast

I’m not a big fan of religion, but I do really like religious holidays, especially those I grew up with. I like rituals, and I like shared experience. I watch films on TV even though I have the DVD sitting on my shelf because I like knowing that thousands of other people are watching the same thing the same time. I especially like edible traditions. I like knowing that every Boxing Day we will have my Dad’s roast ham, and that at some point in December I’ll make my Mum’s mincemeat cake.

So, I really like Pancake Day. When we were kids it was always proper crêpes with lemon and sugar, but I’ve experimented a little more in recent years. Did you realise that Yorkshire pudding batter is basically pancake batter? And there’s no reason you couldn’t do Chinese crispy duck pancakes or make a crêpe cake either. Pancakes of some form are found in most cultures so there are pretty endless possibilities.

The only meal my husband and I were going to share this year was breakfast, so American style fluffy pancakes it is. They are so much easier to deal with first thing in the morning, and I even found a recipe with porridge oats in it. With blueberries and bananas I almost managed to convince myself that carbs fried in butter then drenched in maple syrup was a healthy balanced breakfast! These were awesome, and not lumpy and earnest like I worried. They were still light and fluffy, they just had a little more flavour to them. If I had been alone I probably would have licked my plate.


Oatmeal Pancakes from Smitten Kitchen

We made a half recipe of these which made a big breakfast for two. Seriously, I didn’t even want my lunch. To make things easier in the morning, the night before I measured and combined all my dry ingredients in one bowl, and my wet ingredients minus the egg in a jug. This mean that all I actually had to do in that desperate time before I have my coffee was mix everything together rather lazily before frying and eating. Easy.

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One thought on “Pancakes for breakfast

  1. Christ dude – they look good. My wife loves pancakes, she’d go nuts for this ….

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